Hi, I'm Madi Fitzpatrick, and I love practicing, learning, teaching and discussing all things yoga! 

A swimming coach first introduced me to yoga asana as a compliment to my training. I remember standing on a squishy gym mat in my parents' living room, watching an OnDemand yoga video and wondering if forward folds would ever feel any different (they do feel different now, but not any easier). I started a heated vinyasa practice in Atlanta, GA, in 2013, and went through my first 200-hour teacher training in Bali, Indonesia in 2016. Through my training in Bali, I learned the history and practice of ashtanga yoga, and that is what I primarily practice today. 

I struggle with the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety and depression and I have tried all sorts of remedies and medications, but showing up to my mat each morning has made the biggest impact on how I feel in my body. I am passionate about sharing my journey and the benefits of yoga to everyone, regardless of age, size, race, gender or ability.